Soltech Solar LED Lights
The Sun Never Sets on Beautiful Light The lighting specialists have brought their expertise to solar. From parks to parking lots, small roads to massive freeways, we have the quality solar lighting solution for any application.
Solar Mount & Racking
PSG is able to provide Solar Energy Investors, who require photovoltaic systems for utility scale solar projects, with the required staffing and knowledgeable solar installation teams. Our solar design team has remained focused on achieving the simplest and most effective solar mount components and solar racking for efficient, simple, and cost effective solar installations.
Merlin Technology Advantage
At the core of Merlin’s patented technology is an innovative pair of metal grids that serve as intra-cell and inter-cell interconnects. This interconnect system not only enables us to extract more power compared to standard solar panels, it dramatically improves the reliability performance and ruggedness of the solar panels. Our panels have the proven performance and reliability of c-Si solar cells as well as the ease of deployment of thin film solar panels.